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Company registration and services in U.A.E.


Business, commercial and employment residency visa


Administrative affairs for personal and company banking account


Consultation and management of customs affairs and transportation of goods


Commercial and marketing Consultant affairs in U.A.E. and Middle East


Consultation on Legal and Commercial Disputes in the U.A.E. Courts and affairs


Immigration and travel consultation and get different visas

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We are expert in helping individuals and entrepreneurs gain the benefits of residence in the UAE.Many companies decide to expand their businesses abroad, Dubai being one of the most attractive destinations because it offers a good environment for startups and branch offices or subsidiaries, as well. We would like to thank you for choosing Amazon Dubai Services.

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Dubai Residency

For several years, the experts of Amazon Dubai Services have been effectively and efficiently assisting our client with business licensing, registration, and related solutions.


Licence Renewal

Companies in the UAE obtain business permits for a limited period of time. Licenses are issued for one year. After the expiration date you are required to apply again and pay government fees.


Opening Bank Account

The United Arab Emirates boasts an excellent banking system which is famous for its economic stability and high level of customer service around the world.


Short Term Visa Requirements

We provide you for immigration and travel consultation and prepare Schengen Visa and visa for Asian countries, US and Canada. We help to arrange documents as per latest norms.


Import & Export Consulting Management

At Amazon Dubai Services, we provide Consultation and management of customs affairs and transportation of goods, and we assist clients grow up business in U.A.E.

Dispute Resolution Consultation

Our dispute resolution services are comprehensive: Independent third party assessments, contractual or statutory adjudication, adjudication dispute resolution.

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Company formation in UAE steps

The following procedure must be respected when registering a company in Dubai:


Choosing the right business form in accordance with your needs and requirements - our local advisors can help you.


Reserving a trade name for the company is the first requirement before starting the registration procedure.


Drafting and notarizing the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association must be completed afterward.


The documents will then be filed with the Dubai Department of Economic Development for approval.


The company must then register for employment purposes and obtain a VAT number, according to the latest changes in the legislation.


The last step to be completed is applying for one of the licenses which will enable the company to start operating.

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Residency Package

We provide you with our the best packages for residency in Dubai-U.A.E, please contact us via email or contact to direct line to receive the package.

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Opening a bank account

The United Arab Emirates boasts an excellent banking system which is famous for its economic stability and high level of customer service around the world.



Company Set-up

Amazon Dubai Services offers custom-made annual Corporate HR & Admin support services that are designed to eliminate the need for a dedicated HR and Administration department to care for the assets in the company while adhering to the rules and regulations of the UAE.

How to Renew Trade License in Dubai

Every company established in Dubai is required to annually renew their Trade License, the license is the legal document that allows companies to engage in the activities specified within the company documentation in the UAE and in accordance with the regulatory requirements. When the question arises on how to renew a trade license in Dubai, Amazon Dubai Services can take care of your worries, so you can concentrate on your core business. Choosing from the several online and offline portals of the DED, a company can have their license renewed in three simple steps. We provide companies with start to finish handling of all their renewal. Using us for your renewal ensures that the procedure is carried out correctly and in a timely manner.

Documents Required for License Renewal in Dubai:

► Tenancy Contract & Ejari
► Typed DED Renewal Form
► Passport Copies of all Partners in the Business


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Alireza Mohebi

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Brad Walton

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I open a company in Dubai? ▼

Dubai is the most prolific emirate in the UAE and it offers many tax advantages to foreign investors.  Apart from this, Dubai is also one of the most important business hubs in the region.

    Can I be the only shareholder in a Dubai company if I am a foreigner? ▼

    This is possible in all Dubai’s free zones, but if you plan on setting up a business in the emirate of Dubai, you will need a local partner who must own 51% of the company.

    Can I register a company remotely in Dubai? ▼

    Yes, you can register a company without having to travel to Dubai through our local agents. All you need to do is grant us power of attorney to represent you.

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