Health Insurance

The following types of insurance are available in the U.A.E.

Health Insurance

he government of Dubai has introduced compulsory medical insurance for nationals and expat residents alike in an effort to provide access to quality healthcare in the region.

In the Emirate of Dubai, an employer is required by law to provide at least a minimum standard of Health Insurance through the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) to their employees. EBP has been established by the Dubai Health Authority as the minimum level of coverage required for resident visa approval. The same regulations apply to sponsors in relation to their spouses, dependents and domestic workforce.

Citizens in the Emirate of Dubai can benefit from the National’s Health Insurance scheme called SAADA, financed by the government of Dubai and supervised by the Dubai Health Authority. Additionally, UAE Nationals residing in Dubai and working in private sector have the option to either avail of their employer’s Health Insurance program or enroll in SAADA.


Domestic Health Insurance

  • This plan offers vital health insurance coverage.
  • An affordable plan for lower income members as determined by regulatory authorities.
  • Covers core benefits like inpatient, outpatient and emergency services.

Family Health Insurance

  • Includes inpatient, outpatient, maternity and emergency services.
  • Local health insurance plans with options for worldwide benefits.
  • Access to the largest network in the UAE with over 2,000 hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

Individual Health Insurance

  • Comprehensive plans with optional worldwide coverage.
  • Covers core benefits like inpatient, outpatient, maternity and emergency services.
  • Includes international assistance and second medical opinion service.
  • Flexibility to add optional benefit modules to create your own plan.
  • Access to over 2,000 heath care providers in UAE.

Car Insurance

There are two types of Car Insurance policies – Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third-Party Insurance:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This will protect your car from damages caused by fire or theft, and will also pay out to a third party if you’re involved in an incident. It will also pay out if your car’s damaged in another way such as a bump or crash. For maximum protection, it’s advisable to pair comprehensive coverage with additional add-on insurance covers.

Third-Party Insurance

This type of policy covers the damages caused to another party by your car. This is the most basic and mandatory form of motor insurance as per the UAE law. The policy is usually cheaper compared to a comprehensive policy. Third party insurance cover will not pay for any damages to your own car.

Travel Insurance

Types of Travel Insurance:

Single Trip or Multi-trip
You can buy single trip travel insurance for specific travel dates. However, if you’re planning to travel multiple times during the year, an annual multi-trip travel insurance may be right for you.

Worldwide or Schengen
Insurance coverage can also be selected based on the geographic coverage you’re looking for – Worldwide, Worldwide (Excluding USA & Canada) and Schengen.

For Individuals, Families or Groups
You can also select your insurance coverage based on who you’re travelling with – Individual cover for solo travelers, Family cover if you’re going with your spouse & kids, and Group cover if you’re travelling with friends or acquaintances.


Bike Insurance

We provide three types of bike insurance:

Third Party Liability
This is the mandatory minimum level of cover required to ride your bike on public roads, stipulated as part of the new Unified Motor Insurance Policy in the UAE. It covers the costs of damage, loss or injury to the aggrieved party arising out of the use of your vehicle. Third party liability does not provide cover for damage or loss to your own vehicle.

Fleet Bike Insurance
Also known as Multi-Bike Insurance, this is especially beneficial for business owners managing courier and delivery services. This allows the motorcycle fleet to be insured under a single policy saving time, stress and money. This cover also provides flexibility to add or remove vehicles during the policy tenure at your convenience.

Comprehensive Insurance Comprehensive
Bike Insurance provides 360-degree coverage and is the highest level of all-inclusive policy available to motorcycle owners. It underwrites the insured against injury or damage due to accidental collision, accrued legal third party liability, overturning, fire, external explosion, burglary, flood, terrorism and other malicious acts, unless specifically excluded. Comprehensive insurance even pays out in own-fault scenarios.

Yacht Insurance

Types of Yacht Insurance:

Agreed Value Insurance
This involves the owner and the insurer agreeing on a specific value for the yacht. In the event of a claim made as a result of the vessel being declared a total loss, the agreed value is reimbursed.

Loss or Damage to Hull and Machinery
This type of insurance protects the body and machinery of your boat against total loss or physical damage due to perils of the navigable waters and other human risk factors associated with operating the vessel.

All Risk Comprehensive Insurance
Comprehensive Yacht Insurance provides cover for loss arising from all perils and incidents except those that are specifically excluded in the policy. This type of insurance offers the widest coverage range.

Market Value Insurance
This insurance pays out the actual cash value of your yacht in case of a complete loss. The compensation is usually less than the agreed value because the insurer takes into account depreciation as well as the general condition of your yacht at the time of the incident.

Third Party Insurance
This policy indemnifies the insured against bodily injury or physical damage caused to a third party by compensating for any legal liability as well as paying out for damages.

Home Insurance

Types of Home Insurance Coverage:

Building Insurance
Building insurance pays for repair or rebuilding of the physical premises and structure of your property including the floors, painted walls, fixtures, fittings, garage, backyard, gates and fences in case of damage due to fire, vandalism, malicious acts or natural disasters. This type of insurance also features third party liability coverage for protection against legal and medical claims due to an accident on your property, as well as loss of use or rental income coverage and costs of alternative accommodation.

Home Contents Insurance
The contents of your home like furniture, home appliances, electronics and art are at risk of damage following a catastrophic event. Home Contents Insurance cover safeguards these items against accidental damage, burglary and fire among other perils, even when you are away from home. You can conveniently and securely purchase Home Contents Insurance online at Souqalmal. Our affordable policies are worthwhile, exhaustive and suited to every lifestyle.

Personal Belongings Insurance
Personal Belongings Insurance covers items that are usually excluded from Home Contents Insurance. This cover guards your personal belongings like electronic gadgets, jewelry, cash and credit cards, items of clothing, accessories etc. that are regularly carried outside the house against loss, theft or damage.

SME Insurance

Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Insurance, effective risk management is becoming increasingly important to the success of any business. This is recognised by corporate companies who have departments dedicated to the field, but for some SME’s it is just ‘another area’ of which to be mindful. However, all that time and money investment can be lost by an unexpected event. A simple likelihood, consequence exercise can help identify potential events that could have catastrophic consequences.

Fleet Insurance

What Is Fleet Insurance And What Does It Cover?
Fleet Insurance is designed for businesses with multiple vehicles, to have them all on one policy. You can choose between comprehensive and third party cover.

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