Investor / Partner Visa

Investor / Partner Visa

Dubai has transformed into a global city due to its status of being one of the world’s most business-friendly and tourism supported cities. Dubai’s economy is consistently growing in recent years and it is an important reason that entrepreneurs from around the world are ready to invest in different sectors of Dubai. In order to start a business in Dubai, the first step is to obtain investor visa or partner visa. Investor visa is issued to an expat investor. It is also called partner visa because partnership with a local Emirati person is necessary in order to do business in mainland Dubai.
The time period of investor/partner visa is three years after which it can be renewed. Initially, a temporary visit visa for three months is provided to the foreign shareholder. Within this time period, the potential investor has to finalize terms with a UAE citizen in order to start a business in Dubai. During this period, the investor will be required to acquire licenses and certifications and only after which he can get investor/partner visa. The whole investor visa process in Dubai is managed by immigration department in Dubai.

Investor/partner visa helps the foreigner to do business in Dubai or invest in the already established business. In contrast to employment visa, the applicant of investor visa doesn’t require a job offer from a UAE-based company. Another important benefit of investor/partner visa is that the foreign national will remain free from paying tax in UAE (it is expected that this will continue even after implementation of VAT in UAE from 2018).

You are also allowed to change your visa type from employment to partner/investor visa if you are already holding employment permit and now want to start a business in Dubai. After completing the required procedure, you will be provided with investor permit in Dubai while living in the city.

    Following are the documents that will be required to submit before applying for investor/partner visa:

    • Typed Application
    • Passport copy
    • Trade License copy
    • 5 or more photographs with white background (for various purposes)
    • Partner List (for LLC)
    • Copy of Memorandum of Association (LLC)
    • Original passport
    • Original medical certificate
    • Emirates ID Form
    • Bank statement of last 6 months (if the company is old)
    • Medical documents

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