American University Dubai (AUD)

About American University Dubai

The American University in Dubai is a private, nonsectarian establishment of higher learning established in 1995. AUD’s enlistment in 2015-2016 was somewhere around an average of 2,600 students. In Spring 2016, more than one hundred nationalities were embodied in the AUD student body. AUD offers both undergrad and graduate degrees and Certificates in Middle Eastern Studies and Professional Teaching.

As well as courses in their selected program/major, college students in all fields must follow an educational module in Arts and Sciences. This is in fulfillment of the general training bit of their degree necessities. Through its Center for English Proficiency (CfEP), the institute also delivers Intensive English courses intended to create college level English language skills in students requiring extra language learning before starting college. The institute’s staff have suitable academic qualifications. Besides, many are or have been practicing experts of note. As far as workforce composition, North Americans have the most noteworthy portrayal of any national gathering. AUD’s multi-complex  structure has been conceived with the goal of supporting the institute’s programs (both academic and additional curricular) to an American standard. The campus environment incorporate Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.

In satisfaction of its mission as one of only a handful of American-certified foundations of higher learning in the Gulf, The American University in Dubai seeks to reproduce the American formula for fruitful advanced education. Syllabi and reading material are the same as those utilized as a part of the United States. Furthermore, the prevalence of American and American-trained employees additionally guarantees that the university stays American in substance and as well as in name. Expectations of educational performance  either coordinate or surpass those predominant on a “common” American campus.

A few variables clarify the greatness, which supports American advanced education and aides AUD in the outflow of its American character:

  • An educational module that grants general knowledge but allows for noteworthy specialization;
  • A program of extra-curricular exercises intended to develop the student’s humanistic standpoint and social aptitudes;
  • Employees who merge scholarship and strategy in practicing their classroom obligations;
  • Training techniques that create solid aptitudes in basic thinking and exact and powerful self-expression;
  • The support of high academic models through clear and predictable arrangements; and
  • Ingraining a gratefulness for life-long learning.

One may examine that the depiction above represents all universities. However, it is generally thought that something sets American colleges apart. We claim that in the final investigation, it is a progression of qualities/points of view that sets apart American higher education. It is eventually AUD’s selection of these qualities and their interpretation into working strategy that make AUD American.