Canadian University (CUD)

About Canadian University

As the first accredited Canadian university outside of Canada, Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is a high-ranking institution offering talented students a dedicated gateway to the elite higher education system of North America.

Students of CUD can choose to complete their entire program in Dubai and benefit from an education ranked 42nd overall, 8th in the UAE and 2nd in Dubai, based on the 2019 QS Ranking for the Arab Region. Alternatively, each academic program provides opportunities to start out in Dubai and transfer with credit after a year or two to one of CUD’s 25 Canadian partner institutions. This allows students to begin their higher education closer to home in the UAE and to graduate from a university in Canada.

 A unique grouping of academic schools combined with industry-experienced, international faculty position the University as an exceptional institution for teaching, research, scholarship and entrepreneurship. Alongside accreditation from the UAE Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs, CUD is the only university outside of Canada to award a dual degree from Dubai and Canada in certain academic programs.

Across each of the University’s undergraduate faculties – Management; Engineering and Architecture; and Communication, Arts and Sciences – CUD is establishing itself as a pioneer of higher education in the UAE, with the recent introduction of avant-garde programs that address the future needs of the national and regional economy.

With new BBA majors such as Events and Tourism, Luxury Marketing and Sports Management, the University is preparing students for lucrative careers in the UAE’s emerging growth sectors. The new Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering specializing in Mechatronics is a one-of-a-kind program in the UAE that reflects the country’s growing investment in advanced robotics technology. In the Department of Social Sciences, the new Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program – offered in both English and Arabic – is training the much-needed psychology practitioners of the future.

 At graduate studies level, the flagship MBA program and unique Master in Information Technology Management and Governance offer students the opportunity to specialize in discreet business disciplines at executive professional level, to advance their careers into leadership roles. Located in the heart of Dubai’s downtown business district, CUD students at both undergraduate and graduate level benefit from the unique opportunity to develop their workplace skills in a dynamic place of work, positioning the University’s graduate employability rate at 93%, on a par with elite institutions in Europe and North America.