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What are the requirements to immigrate to New Zealand?

Specialist skill work permit

New Zealand is one of the ideal destinations for migration. It is characterized by its unique nature and warm – blooded people for migration applicants as an advanced country and with the high – quality qualities of life. New Zealand has a huge shortage of skilled professionals in many jobs, which has managed to attract the power to some extent by providing many amenities. Therefore, it is now the best chance for those wishing to migrate to this country through expert force.


  • Minimum undergraduate degree
  • Have an IELTS language proficiency of at least 6.5
  • Best age for action between 20 and 39 years
  • Earn at least 3 points according to the scoreboard
  • Work experience with insurance related to education for at least two years


  • Applicant filing (IELTS qualification and qualification)
  • Online File Registration (Letter of Interest to the Province)
  • Waiting for Submittance (getting out of the selection system and issuing a nameplate)
  • Requesting physical evidence (sending physical evidence)
  • Receive acceptance

List of skilled occupations New Zealand

Forestry Engineering, Civil Engineering Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Or Factory Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery, Ba In Medical Laboratory Sciences, Bachelor Of , Eterinary Science, Bachelor Of Physiotherapy, Bachelor Of Ultrasound, Business Information Systems, Computer Intelligence, Computational Modeling, Computer And Information Science, Mobile Engineering, Computer , Ngineering, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Computer Systems, Database Architecture, Electrical And Electronic Engineering, Electronic, Electronics And Communication Engineering, Electronics & Computer Engineering, Electronic And Computer Systems, Electronic Engineering, Information And Communication Technology, Data Management, Information Science, Information Security, Information Systems, Information Technology, Internet Technology, It Services, Multimedia, Multimedia And Web Development, Networks, Networks And Communications, Network And Security, Network Engineering, Programming, Software And Information , Echnology, Software Development, Software Engineering, System Design, System Development, Telecommunications, Environmental Engineering, Food Industry Engineering.

New Zealand Skylark Scoreboard

  • Applicants must earn at least 100 points to apply through this program.
  • If the applicant scores more than 160, the person will not be selected will be accepted.
  • A person’s academic and occupational field should be included in the string list.
  • Note that the English language and language won’t score.
  • If the spouse’s field of study is a subset of the required fields, he or she will earn between 10 to 20 points if he or she has at least one IELTS.

 Work Experience
Two years > 10 Points
Four years > 20 Points
Six years > 30 Points
Eight years > 40 Points
Ten years > 50 Points

String related records
Two to five years > 10 Points
Six years and up > 15 Points

Applicant age limit
18 to 24 years > 25 Points
25 to 32 years > 30 Points
33 to 39 years > 25 Points
40 to 44 years > 15 Points
Individuals with associated career backgrounds can also get a relevant background score.

Graduate degree list
Bachelor > 50 Points
Master > 70 Points

Applicant age limit
20 to 30 years old > 30 Points
20 to 30 years old > 30 Points
40 to 44 years old > 20 Points
45 to 49 years old > 10 Points
50 to 55 years old > 5 Points

Education degree for spouse
Bachelor > 10 Points
Masters or PhD > 20 Points

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